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Aisling Organic Cosmetics

Aisling Organic Cosmetics is a shop in Newburyport, MA that specializes in non-toxic, organic make-up! The owner was sick for years and realized that toxic chemicals in her cosmetics were contributing to her problems. She has since created her own make-up line that is chemical-free and contains things such as chamomile, coconut oil and calendula. Their products smell amazing and last for hours!

Vital Proteins

Vital Proteins is an Illinois company that is committed to providing supplements that contain natural sources of Collagen. Collagen is a necessary ingredient for healthy joints, skin, hair, nails and overall gut health! All of the Vital Proteins products contribute to boosting collagen, or stimulating the production of collagen in order to enhance well-being!

Standard Process

Standard Process and Medi-herb are the primary brand of supplements and herbs that we offer at Southboro Wellness, and they are only available through a healthcare provider. These whole food supplements have nothing synthetic about them, and are therefore easily absorbed by the body. Based out of Palmyra, WI, Dr. Brooke has had the pleasure of touring Standard Process’ farm and facilities and continues to be amazed by their ability to produce an unsurpassed, high-quality product.   

Additional Products:

- Badger Sun & Body Care - sunscreen, after sun care, bug spray

- Ora's Amazing Herbal - face & body care

- Brothers Artisan  - all natural deodrant, room spray, facial mask, hair pomade

- Flourish - shampoo & conditioners, hair detangler, body cream and moisturizing mist

- cocokind - bodycare moisturizers

- Wei of Chocolate - Vegan dark chocolate used for meditation

SK Design - motivational and customized jewelry

- Betsy Gobron hand sewn gifts

- Sandi Rossini motivational apparel and gifts

- Primal Life Organics - skincare products using ingredients our primal ancestors had available to them from nature. ​

- BlueBonnet Nutrition -  Bluebonnet supplements are derived from sources that have never been genetically modified

- Anna Bananas homemade chocolates

205 Turnpike Rd Southborough MA 01772 US

Ancient Apothecary

Our Ancient Apothecary brand essential oils are here!  We have lavender, tea tree and frankincense to name a few! Come in and learn what all the hype is about! 

4 Core Values of Ancient Apothecary’s Organic Essential Oils 

1) Ancient Apothecary essential oils are certified organic.
2) Ancient Apothecary essential oils are 100% Therapeutic Grade.
3) Ancient Apothecary essential oils are sourced indigenously as well as harvested from some of the top plant farms in Missouri, Europe, India, and the Middle East. Our oils come from 10,000 acres of certified organic land.
4) Ancient Apothecary essential oils are 100% pure. We do not add bases, fillers, or any additives to any of our oils!

Natural Vitality

Natural Vitality is a company based out of Austin, Texas that strives to use Magnesium as a stress-reliever for our modern, fast-paced lives. It is said that most Americans are deficient in Magnesium, which can contribute to our high levels of stress.  Taken orally, Magnesium can provide stress relief and contribute to healthy sleep; when applied topically via a bath or cream, it provides muscle relief and an overall sense of calm!  10% off through 3/23/18!